Official Review: Comfort is Key

Let's take a look at what gameday could be like without TSR's tips:

Victoria Beckham is used to stares, but she
probably just whacked someone with that purse.

And the male version:

It's hard to make the manbag work anywhere,
even if you're this guy.

Sitting in the rain is miserable enough
without having an umbrella in your face.

Your back aches for her.

Some pictures are worth a thousand words.
This is worth one: FAIL.

Yep, it does.

TSR's Call: Don't let any of these scenarios happen to you. Remember that comfort is key to a smooth gameday experience even though it may take a little extra preparation. Follow TSR's tips and you'll be able to focus on what really matters - the game!

What do you think, good call or bad call?


The Style Ref

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