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Love Fashion + Sports? These are the Instagram Accounts You Need to Be Following

Instagram is a great tool for connecting with people who inspire you and have similar interests. After blogging for years about fashion and sports, I've become part of an online community that shares my passions. I like to think we're all doing our part to eliminate the stereotype that women don't like or care about sports, especially if they like fashion and "girly" things! That cannot be further from the truth, so I love seeing and supporting other women who can talk intelligently and passionately about sports while rocking an amazing outfit at the same time.

If you love fashion and sports, and are searching for like-minded ladies to connect with online, these are the Instagram accounts you need to be following!

This account speaks to me in every way. The bio defines a "fangirl" as "a woman who knows all of Tom Brady's stats, but isn't afraid to embrace her inner Gisele." YAS. There are other accounts linked to the Fangirl Sports Network that post content specific to different NFL teams, which are all part of #FangirlNation.

She's the founder and CEO of Fangirl Sports Network, so following her is a no-brainer.

Megan Reyes is a New Orleans Saints fan (and part of #FangirlNation), but even if you root for a different NFL team, she has great style and undeniable passion for football.

Brittany Bertuzzi is a mom and sports fan from Houston, Texas and her account is a fun mix of family, fashion and sports.

Kirsten is a devoted New York Mets fan with amazing style and a serious talent for putting together team-inspired outfits.

Sports fans will travel and Dani is everywhere you want to be! She takes her followers along for the ride from the tailgate to game time and everything in between.

This account will get you ready to up your fashion game.

Serving ALL the memes for female sports fans.

This is the first fashion and sports blog I found online and I remember how great it felt to discover someone else who was interested in the same things as me. Heather always has the scoop on what's new and next in fashion for sports fans.

Ok, shameless plug for me! ;) If you're a USF Bulls or New York Giants fan, let's be IG friends.

Let me know what other Instagram accounts you follow for your regular dose of fashion and sports!


Giveaway: Snuggle Up in Hoodeez this Football Season

NFL team Hoodeez

team hoodeez for nfl football fans

One of my favorite things to do during the fall and winter involves my couch, football and some extra layers to keep me warm. Over the years, I've collected quite a few options for snuggling up on the couch during football season — throw blankets, oversized sweatshirts, cozy cardigans, even a team snuggie! However, nothing compares to my recent find — Hoodeez — which basically takes the concept of a hoodie to a whole new (snuggly) level.

This reversible hoodie gives you two looks in one for a Sunday Funday spent watching football at home, plus all-over super soft material on one side and a smooth, cooler material on the other. You'll want to lounge in this all day and night (and maybe sleep in it, which is totally cool, no judgment).

As soon as I put on my Hoodeez, I knew this was something other football fans needed in their lives — so I teamed up with FOCO for a giveaway! Enter now for a chance to win one Hoodeez in your favorite NFL team (pending availability). The giveaway is happening over on my Instagram, so you must have an Instagram account to enter. Good luck!

Click here to enter on Instagram!
Giveaway ends on Friday, Sept. 27, 2019


USF Fans: A Definitive List of Where to Buy Bulls Team Gear

usf bulls football fans

Every sports fan can relate to the emotional roller coaster that comes with team loyalty. Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down, sometimes you just need something to feel good about again. In my case, a little retail therapy goes a long way! As a South Florida Bulls fan and alumna, I have a considerable amount of experience dealing with disappointment and treating myself to new gear seems to soothe the sting a bit. It's like that saying...if you can't beat 'em, out dress 'em.

This post is for my fellow USF fans, who might be needing a pick-me-up after this season's 1-2 start (although the last game gives me new hope for the season!). When you don't root for one of the large or winningest football schools, it can be challenging to find team gear, so I put together a definitive list of where to buy USF Bulls merchandise right now. To all my fellow Bulls, I hope this helps bring a little joy into your lives, so that despite what happens on the field, we still look like winners. GO Bulls! \m/