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USF Fans: A Definitive List of Where to Buy Bulls Team Gear

usf bulls football fans

Every sports fan can relate to the emotional roller coaster that comes with team loyalty. Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down, sometimes you just need something to feel good about again. In my case, a little retail therapy goes a long way! As a South Florida Bulls fan and alumna, I have a considerable amount of experience dealing with disappointment and treating myself to new gear seems to soothe the sting a bit. It's like that saying...if you can't beat 'em, out dress 'em.

This post is for my fellow USF fans, who might be needing a pick-me-up after this season's 1-2 start (although the last game gives me new hope for the season!). When you don't root for one of the large or winningest football schools, it can be challenging to find team gear, so I put together a definitive list of where to buy USF Bulls merchandise right now. To all my fellow Bulls, I hope this helps bring a little joy into your lives, so that despite what happens on the field, we still look like winners. GO Bulls! \m/


Official Review: NY&C Closet

NY&C Closet review

I'm already a big fan of renting clothes and accessories. Just read my review of Rent the Runway's Unlimited Membership and you'll see why I think renting is the future of fashion. In short, it offers limitless options, freedom to try new trends and frees up precious closet space. I love fashion and wearing new clothes, but I simply have zero desire to own things anymore, primarily because I'm running out of space! As renting has become more popular, many fashion brands have launched rental programs and we fashionistas are the real winners.

I've been a longtime shopper at New York & Company — I remember walking around the store when I was a kid, admiring all the chic suits and sophisticated outfits and thinking, that's how I'll dress someday when I'm a successful boss lady. Years later, I worked there part-time (and the discount was great!). For those reasons, a large portion of my current work wardrobe came from New York & Company and it's one of my first stops when I need to buy new work clothes. I always recommend it to friends and colleagues in search of work wear, too. As a loyal customer for all these years, I was really excited to try their new rental subscription, NY&C Closet. Since all of these programs are a little different, I thought I'd share my thoughts about this one in case you're interested in trying NY&C Closet for yourself.

You should consider NY&C Closet if...

You need professional clothes to wear to work and/or want to expand your work wardrobe. This is New York & Company's strong suit (no pun intended!). While they do have a lot of casual styles, they really excel at offering women trendy, sophisticated options for the office.


When it comes to the price, this rental program is relatively affordable compared to others on the market. With NY&C Closet, you get three garments out at a time for $49.99/month + tax. My total monthly charge came to $53.20. This includes dry cleaning of all items and free shipping both ways via USPS. You can also cancel anytime. In comparison, Rent the Runway's Unlimited membership costs 159.99/month + tax. While that's a difference of more than $100, keep in mind that you get access to luxury fashion brands and a variety of items from ballgowns to baubles.


Here's how it works: you're encouraged to keep 20+ items favorited "on the rack" in your virtual closet. From there, you can "prioritize" items you want to receive first, but you cannot choose the items you'll receive in each shipment. They will send you three from your selections on the rack, taking into account any styles you've prioritized, but you could receive any of the items you've favorited. That's a key difference compared to Rent the Runway, which allows you to select the exact items in each shipment. It's also kind of fun because each NY&C Closet box is a surprise — you're not sure what you're going to get, but you know it'll be something you like! You can also put items in the "on hold" section that you'd like to save for an occasion or season, but don't want right now. When the time is right, you can move it to your on the rack section.


I was a little concerned about the shipping speed of NY&C Closet since they use USPS (as opposed to UPS or FedEx). However, I found their process to be surprisingly efficient. It's important to note that when you're ready to return, you must send all three items back together. Unlike Rent the Runway, you cannot keep some items and return others to free up spots. I received my first box on Thursday, August 8 and I sent everything back in the postage-paid mail bag one week later on Thursday, August 15. As soon as I dropped it in the mail, I went to the NY&C Closet website, logged into my account and clicked on the At-Home section. There you can notify them that you're in the process of returning your items. This triggers a notification to the service to begin prepping my next order, so that once they receive my returned items, they can immediately send the next shipment. I received an e-mail that my next box shipped on Monday, August 19 and I received it on Wednesday, August 21. All in, it only took four business days between dropping off my returned items and getting my new ones. The Return notification step cuts down on the turnaround time between boxes, so you get your next shipment fairly quickly. You just need to put some time aside to keep your virtual closet populated with at least 20 items you want to wear now to avoid any delays.


I think the variety and price of this rental program make it a smart choice for those looking to try renting without making a big investment. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to try different styles without commitment, but if you like something, you can buy it at a reduced price. NY&C Closet has many of the same items you can buy on New York & Company's regular website, so you get access to all the same fashion without having to wait for a sale or invest in items you might not use often.

Here's a video diary I started when I first signed up with more of my thoughts about NY&C Closet!

If you're thinking about trying NY&C Closet, you can save $10 off your first month with my link:

Would you be interested in trying NY&C Closet or are you using it already? Let me know what you think!


How to Rep USF on Casual Friday

***This one is for my USF fans, but the tips can be applied to any sports team, so just substitute yours and work work!***

If you’re fortunate enough to have Casual Friday where you work, you know it’s the one day each week where you can wear jeans and (kind of) express your personal style. For part of the year, I think it should also be a designated day for football fans to rep their favorite teams since everyone is hyped for the weekend’s games and the sweet sounds of trash talk are in the air. It just makes Fridays more fun and don’t we all need more of that at work?

So I propose that starting in 2019, we dub Casual Fridays as USF Fan Fridays. We need this day to come together every week from across the miles, put on our green and gold, and educate our coworkers about who we are because like we always say, this season…is our season. However, navigating office dress codes can be tricky, so here are a few tips to help you get ready to rep USF on Casual Friday.

Play Up Green and Gold

I may be biased, but our team colors are BEAUTIFUL and look good on everyone – yes, everyone. First, go into your closet and pull out all the green and gold/yellow you already own. Wear them together or separately and voila, you’re done! This color combination screams USF and that’s exactly what you want.

usf women green and gold outfit

usf men green and gold outfi


Keep It Subtle…

If your office dress code allows logos, by all means show ours off! It’s iconic and the easiest way to show your team pride. There’s no need to plaster yourself in USF logos, though (especially that Merrill Lynch lookalike disaster) – remember to keep it subtle and tasteful. A little logo goes a long way.

usf men's button-down shirt

usf women's 3/4 sleeve top

And Keep It Simple

I’m not saying you need to wear green and gold from head to toe or put on your gameday outfit early. Adding just one element to your Casual Friday look is enough to put your team spirit on display.

usf socks

usf bulls women's cardigan


Add Some Bling

Ladies, this is my favorite way to infuse some USF fandom into a Casual Friday outfit. It doesn’t require much effort and adds some fun and unexpected flair to whatever you’re wearing.

usf bulls bracelet set

usf earrings


Finish It Off with the Perfect Accessory

Of course, no USF Fan Friday outfit is complete without Horns Up! \m/ I recommend throwing yours up when your coworkers (inevitably) compliment your impeccable style.

rocky usf bull

The perfect opportunity to rep USF on Casual Friday is coming up this Friday, August 30 in USF’s home opener vs. Wisconsin. It also happens to be College Colors Day, the official day to sport new gear to celebrate the kickoff of college football, so everyone has a reason to rep their team! The question now is, what are you going to wear?!