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Sports Team T-Shirt DIY

When I was growing up, I loved to bedazzle my clothes. Ask anyone who knew me between the ages of 13 and 22, and they'll tell you I had an unhealthy obsession with rhinestones. I once bedazzled my high school t-shirts because they were just so plain and unexciting. A little glue and some rhinestones did the trick! ;) Years later, I still have those trusty supplies in my craft storage just in case.

Needless to say, I've always been fascinated with taking clothes and putting your own creative spin on them. Recently, I got lost in a rabbit hole of t-shirt upcycle DIYs on YouTube. It's amazing what a basic, baggy t-shirt can become with a few strategic cuts. I got inspired to try it myself with a couple of t-shirts I picked up from South Florida Strong, a new USF clothing company powered by USF alumni (Go Bulls!) that I stumbled across recently online. While the shirts are soft and great quality, they have a pretty straight fit since they're unisex style, so I thought they could benefit from a little creative cutting.


sports team t-shirt diy

Using the South Florida Strong shirt and the Bull Strong shirt, I put my YouTube inspiration and a pair of scissors to work! I think they both turned out pretty well, but my favorite is the Bull Strong/black t-shirt. If you try your own DIY, my biggest piece of advice is to use new or very sharp scissors because that makes all the difference in how well the finished product turns out!


south florida bulls usf t-shirts

Check out both of my t-shirt DIYs in the video above and let me know which one is your favorite!


VIDEO: What's in My Work Purse

organizing your work purse

I'll be the first to admit I've been guilty of putting way too much in my work purse for far too long. I think it's ingrained in us from childhood to literally carry the world on our shoulders — in our backpacks, that is. I remember many of my backpacks growing up being unnecessarily heavy (because of all those relics called textbooks!) and my mom gasping at the weight when she tried to move it. I guess it's a natural transition into adulthood to find yourself hauling around a more stylish and sophisticated version of your grade school carryall, but still stop to wonder, what do I even have in there?

Earlier this year, I decided I was done with my heavy work purse and I vowed to downsize once and for all. I started using a medium-sized bag (as opposed to a large, roomy tote) to limit the amount of stuff I could fit inside. Then, I took a serious inventory of what I really need on a day-to-day basis and eliminated a lot of things that may be nice to have, but don't really get much use during the week when I'm mainly in my car, at home or in the office. This process really opened my eyes to how I could make more efficient use of purse space and believe me, I now feel much lighter!

I thought this exercise might be helpful to other boss ladies out there suffering from heavy purse syndrome, so I put together a video to walk through what's in my work purse, along with some quick tips!

So now, I've got to ask, what's in your work purse? ;)


My Favorite Places to Shop for Work Clothing

fashion quote

One of the most common frustrations I hear from other working women is that they don't know where to shop for work clothing. When I tell them about some of my favorite stores, I get a lot of mixed reactions, including surprise, delight and disbelief. The majority of my work wardrobe comes from budget brands and with the exception of my winter coats, I don't own a single item that costs more than $80 (including shoes). I believe that good taste is all it takes to put together a great outfit. It doesn't need to be expensive or designer because labels don't have style, YOU DO.

I thought it might be helpful to provide a list of my favorite places to shop for work clothing and the reasons why. I'll add to the list as I find more, but this is a solid roundup of my usual go-to stores.

Rent the Runway

I've been a Rent the Runway Unlimited Member for more than a year now and it's forever changed the way I view and shop for clothes and accessories. We've all been conditioned to buy things, so we can own and collect them and nobody else can have them until we're ready to give or throw them away. The idea of renting used to feel a little like cheating and there was this strange stigma attached to wearing something you couldn't afford as if you were somehow pretending and trying to fool the rest of the world into thinking you could. Rent the Runway has single-handedly taken that ill-conceived notion and transformed how women look at their closets and in turn, their own sense of style. Through my membership, I have access to high-end brands I could never dream of owning at this point in my life and I can experiment with different styles without fear of commitment or bankruptcy. It's a dream come true for professional women who simply want to refresh their work wardrobes or need an outfit for a special occasion, presentation or event. If you're interested in trying a Rent the Runway membership for yourself, you can use my referral link to get a special trial deal!


I have a confession, but if you follow my @myworkstyle IG account, you already know I'm OBSESSED with JCPenney. There, I said it and I'm proud of shopping there because I. Find. So. Many. Great. Deals. My mom shopped at JCPenney when she was my age and she took me there throughout my childhood to buy clothes. Maybe it's that sense of nostalgia that brought me back as a young professional, but like an old, reliable friend with a great sense of style, JCPenney has never let me down when it comes to high-quality, affordable work clothes. I bought my first real suits at JCPenney and so many other pieces that have formed the foundation of my work wardrobe. Their Worthington brand dominates my closet from pants to blouses to jackets. For women in any stage of their career, whatever your work wear needs are, I highly recommend taking a trip to your local JCPenney to see what you've been missing. And don't forget your coupons (check their website)!


I remember a time not too long ago when I would never have thought to shop for clothing and accessories at Walmart, but now, it's almost impossible for me to enter a Walmart and NOT check out the racks. Scroll through your Instagram feed and it's clear from some of the outfits your favorite influencers are wearing that Walmart has definitely stepped up their style game. Their jewelry section is rich with affordable, high-quality basics as well as trendier pieces. I usually leave with no less than two items, so wallet beware. Walmart's new Time and Tru line has officially taken their women's fashion to the next level with a range of clothing, shoes and accessories that are stylish and accessible. Gone are the days when Walmart seemed stuck in another fashion decade — they have officially arrived and I'm here for it.


Target is where I go to find the basics like cardigans and tees. I've been really impressed with everything I've purchased from their A New Day collection. I also love their partnership with Who What Wear, which makes Target the place to go if you're looking for statement work wear at budget-friendly prices.

New York & Company

My earliest memories of shopping for work clothes are from New York & Company (back when it was called Lerner New York — who else remembers that?!). I used to walk around the store picturing myself wearing all the sophisticated outfits and power suits when I was a boss lady someday. In the years since, I keep coming back to New York & Company (I even worked there for a short time!) because this brand understands what women need to dress their best in the workplace — a wide range of sizes, pants that come in short, average and tall lengths, and a variety of colors to suit all tastes, not to mention amazing coupons! Trust me, there's always a deal or sale happening at New York & Company.


Amazon is a relatively new player to the fashion game, but it's coming in hot and based on analysis of my own shopping habits, I predict it's going to change everything. Up until now, I've only bought basics like bodysuits and shoes on Amazon, but with their emphasis on making the process of buying, trying and returning clothes and accessories even easier with Prime Wardrobe, Echo Look, etc., I find myself drawn to Amazon more when shopping for clothes. Fueling this new interest is the fact that a lot of my favorite fashion influencers share so many amazing, budget-friendly finds that are just too tempting NOT to buy (I see you, @shopdandy).

Do you shop for work wear at any of these places? I would love to hear what your favorite stores are, so let me know in the comments!