Rulebook: Comfort is Key

Rule #3: For dedicated sports fans, watching their favorite team play in person can be a sacrifice - harsh weather conditions, uncomfortable seats, annoying children, food and beer spillage, random acts of violence and losing important stuff (tickets, keys, credit card, cell phone, etc.), just to name a few.

Make your gameday experience a little easier and stress-free by preparing for the game with comfort and convenience in mind. You can count on TSR for a few tips to help you do it in style:

Tip - Don't carry a big purse. You might knock over people sitting in front of you as you walk by and there really isn't a safe or sanitary place to stash it while you watch the game. Ladies, opt for a small wristlet that shows your team pride instead and carry only the necessities.

Quilted Wristlet from FansEdge.com

And the male version:

adidas MLS Seattle Sounders Gym
Sack from DicksSportingGoods.com

Tip - If you're watching the game outdoors and the forecast calls for rain, ditch the umbrella and avoid an awkward exchange with the fans behind you. Don one of these stylish rain jackets, so you stay warm, dry and fly not matter what the weather brings.

MLB Therma Base Premier Jacket from Sears.com

Tip - If you'll be sitting on bleachers during the game, spare yourself the cold, hard feeling of aluminum against your backside. Invest in a quality seat cushion and you'll be the envy of neighboring fans.

NFL Stadium Seat Cushion from FootballFanatics.com

Tip - It's safe to say a sports fan's single biggest fear is leaving the tickets at home. If you're prone to memory loss, save yourself a whole slew of emotions and self loathing, and get this handy lanyard that holds your tickets and ID safely around your neck, all with a touch of team pride.

Reversible Clip Lanyard Keychain/ ID & Ticket Holder from Amazon.com 

Tip - Losing your keys can turn an exhilarating win into an epic fail. Hold onto your keys with this nifty invention: the Key Biter. It stays firmly attached to your purse while your keys stay safely clipped inside. Forget fumbling to find them inside the dark abyss of your bag (ahem, which you shouldn't have with you at the game, but if you must) and there's no question who you're rooting for.

Key Biter by FootballFanatics.com

Convenience and comfort go hand in hand, but you should never have to sacrifice style for either. Stock up on essentials like these and you'll be prepared against most gameday hazards. As for the bitter, belligerent fans, you're on your own!

Which of these items do you need most for the next game?


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  1. omg that wristlet is terrible. i'd totally wear a dc united one tho!!