Best Baller Uniform of 2012

NBA uniforms have come a long way over the years and fashion trends have always played a part in their evolution. Today's players demand a high level of style and utility, and fans want something they can wear with pride. Every team has its own distinct look, but some get it right and some get it really wrong. In just the last several years, 16 of the 30 teams in the NBA have either changed their uniforms or added an alternate jersey, proving that every team is hunting for style points on the court.

In 2012, there's a whole lot of swagger in the game, taking the uniform's mystique to a whole new level. Some teams have kept it traditional, keeping with their signature designs and colors, while others have made radical changes to generate excitement among fans and the sports media. History has shown that the uniform doesn't make the player - the player makes the uniform - and with the larger-than-life personalities in the game this year, who's wearing it can greatly affect its appeal.

Of all the NBA teams, there is an undeniable energy and excitement around one particular squad this year. Forget the Miami Heat, the Boston Celtics or the LA Lakers. This is the year of the underdog. Many people didn't know or care about this team before 2012, but with the key addition of a highly sought after point guard, everything changed and now they can't avoid the spotlight. The heightened attention ignited a renewed team spirit that's both old and new, modern and nostlagic, from the past and for the future, and it's all reflected in their uniforms.

They may not end up in the NBA Championship this year, but the LA Clippers are TSR's pick for the Best Baller Uniform of 2012.

Check out the Clippers' 2012 uniforms:

For the fans, it's also available in a black color scheme with a bold statement on the back:

What do you think of the LA Clippers' uniforms?


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  1. Clean looking. I like them. For the most part though, I think the NBA uniforms are about as diverse and interesting as the game. NBA is a lot about one player, rather than the team - I say go college BBall and style!