Fan Find: You've Got Your Team to Keep You Warm

Wintertime can be a real drag: freezing temperatures, dreary skies, icy car windows and feeling like you can't ever get warm enough. Luckily, modern man invented a variety of accessories to keep our bodies nice and toasty all winter long. For sports fans, winter wear opens up a whole new world of possibilities to show off your favorite team.

Check out these stylish winter wear collections for the fashion-forward fan of every sport:

Which of these items would you sport this winter?


The Style Ref


  1. Hey Kathy! It was so great meeting you at CapFABB! I'm not much of a sports fan, but I love that bulls scarf! :) Keep in touch!

    <3 Kelly

  2. It was great to meet you, too, Kelly! Best of luck! :)