Whistle-Worthy: Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce

travis kelce

I'll be honest  — I didn't know who NFL player Travis Kelce was until the first time I saw a preview for his forgettable dating show on Vh1, "Catching Kelce." Even after watching a few episodes and the season finale (where he definitely picked the wrong girl!), I still had so many questions like why haven't I heard of him before? Look at him, does he really NEED his own dating show? Why did he have to date 50 girls from 50 states (when 25 is good enough for The Bachelor)? Is it me or does he look a lot like Sam Hunt? I know, I digress...

While Travis doesn't score many cool points for his reality show, he sure racks up plenty of style points on my scoreboard. From what I've seen, he has as much fun with fashion as he has on the football field playing for the Kansas City Chiefs. While he doesn't ALWAYS get it right, he wears his swagger on his sleeve and that, my friends, is when fashion becomes style. Here's a taste of Travis' whistle-worthy looks:

nfl player fashion

travis kelce fashion

travis kelce nfl kansas city chiefs

travis kelce style

nfl player style

kansas city chiefs player

travis kelce kansas city

I must admit I have a newfound interest in the Chiefs. :) If you want to root for Mr. Kelce and his team, shop my picks for Kansas City fans below. Maybe you'll "catch" Kelce next (since he appears to be single again)!

travis kelce kansas city


What do you think of Travis' style?


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Images via Inquistr, Zimbio 1, 2, 3, E! Online, Chiefs.com 1, 2, USA Today, Pinterest

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