Confessions of a Closet Sneakerhead

I have a new love in my life and I don't care who knows it. I must confess, I'm totally, blissfully, hopelessly head over heels for...sneakers! I'm not sure if I'm experiencing some fit of nostalgia for my youth or trying to channel my inner Gwen Stefani/cool chick alter ego, but why try to explain it? It's just true love, plain and simple.

Beyond my personal obsession, sneakers are definitely having a fashion moment and women's feet all over the world should be celebrating. Although sneakers don't work with every outfit, they're a weekend warrior's wardrobe staple. I don't want to walk around in my work flats when I'm shopping, running errands or meeting up with friends. They get enough action during the week. Unless the outfit/venue/occasion requires a dressier shoe, I'm so down with my kicks.

rose gold converse sneakers

I recently went to the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando and I wore my new rose gold Converse high-tops — the security guard who checked me at the gate even noticed them! Speaking of sporting events, sneakers are a no-brainer for sports fans. They're the perfect combination of comfort and style for gameday and every day.

Shopping tip: Some sneakers are sold in adults AND kids sizes. Try a larger kids size to see if it fits because you can often get the same style for a much lower price!

Here are some pairs of sneakers I'm currently coveting (five of which I already own!):

fashion sneakers for sports fans

1. Keds // 2. Keds  // 3. Converse // 4. adidas  //  5. adidas
6. Keds  //  7. adidas // 8. Converse  //  9. Converse // 10. Kate Spade

Do you like wearing sneakers as much as I do?! Leave me a comment and tell me which kicks you like best!


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