Official Review: Amazon Echo Dot for Sports Fans

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When I first heard about the Amazon Echo Dot, I was skeptical and a little suspicious. I love technology, but I believe there's a cost associated with every convenience it brings. I didn't immediately like the idea of having something in my house that could be "listening" even when I wasn't using it and recording all my questions and requests as it amassed huge amounts of data about me. These are legitimate concerns, but let's face it — I'm a weak millennial and after seeing enough TV ads, I changed my mind. To be honest, what finally sold me was the fact that it can play any song, artist, album, Pandora radio station, etc. on demand. I love music, so that alone is worth the very reasonable $49.99 price tag (and free two-day shipping with Prime!).

amazon echo dot product review

After testing it out for a few days, I quickly concluded that the Amazon Echo Dot is a very impressive innovation and particularly handy for sports fans. How often do we pick up our phones to google a game time or final score, or remember who the coach of that one team is or verify some sports statistic before we post a snarky comment on Facebook? This device just makes life easier because all you have to do is ask a question in simple language and it locates the answer in seconds without any assistance from a smartphone. It's pretty amazing technology at an affordable price.

Here are some of the things the Amazon Echo Dot can do for sports fans:

  • Check game scores
  • Check game times
  • Set game time reminders
  • Sports trivia and statistics, i.e. who does [insert player name] play for or who is the coach of [insert team name]?
  • Check gameday weather
  • Buy sports gear from Amazon
  • Create shopping lists for your tailgate or watch party
  • Find and read recipes for your favorite gameday cocktails

I'm still getting familiar with the Echo Dot, but so far, I'm really impressed with how quickly it processes and delivers accurate information. While this model doesn't offer great sound quality, it can connect to a Bluetooth speaker (unlike the more expensive Amazon Echo), which I prefer since I can easily move the speaker around my apartment based on where I want to listen.

why sports fans need amazon echo dot

Final Score:

5 out of 5 whistles!

Check out the Amazon Echo Dot at...you guessed it...Amazon.com! If you already have one, leave me a comment and let me know how you like it.


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  1. I got an Echo for Christmas and I LOVE IT! It was great for checking the times and scores of bowl games over the holidays. I'm thinking about a Dot for my bedroom :)