The Style Ref's Hails & Fails: February 2014

The Style Ref's Hails and Fails for February 2014

Since it was so much fun doing Hails & Fails for Sochi 2014 fashion and style a few weeks ago, it's going to be a new monthly feature on The Style Ref from now on! February wasn't only packed with lots of snow and ice, but also with tons of action for sports fans between the Winter Olympics, the Super Bowl, college basketball, the NBA and hockey.

For your enjoyment, The Style Ref breaks down the Hails (worth cheering about) and Fails (worth sneering about) in sports fan fashion and style for a very busy February 2014.


Sochi Winter Olympics ring fail t-shirt

Only the entire planet witnessed the technical malfunction during the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in Sochi when the fifth Olympic ring stayed a snowflake. Huge fail, right? Not when a fantastic t-shirt like this one comes out of it!


Winter Olympics women's figure skating uniforms

Is fashion factored into the scoring for women's figure skating in the Olympics? Because it should be. When international athletes execute such beautiful artistry on ice, they should be wearing equally beautiful outfits.


Haute couture Super Bowl helmets

It's hard to believe Super Bowl XLVIII was just under four weeks ago and although the actual game was lackluster, February gave us a beautiful gift - make that 48 beautiful gifts. The CFDA and Bloomingdale's haute couture Super Bowl helmets, each custom designed by the fashion industry's top designers, are the undisputed MVPs of Super Bowl style.


Joe Namath at Super Bowl 48 and in 1971

Even legends get it wrong sometimes. Famed NFL quarterback Joe Namath, nicknamed "Broadway Joe" for his trademark showmanship, stepped out to perform the Super Bowl coin toss in an over-the-top fur coat (right). To make matters worse, it seemed to be a repeat offense as Joe donned a similar style on the sidelines in 1971 (left). Besides garnering anger from PETA, Joe should know the wooly mammoth look is so half-a-century ago.


Hip hop loves Johnny Manziel

If the whole NFL thing doesn't work out, Johnny Manziel might have a bonafide backup career as part of a hip-hop superstar's entourage. Rapper Drake has posted numerous photos on social media in the former Texas A&M quarterback's #2 jersey since last season, but Johnny recently posted a photo on Instagram of rap veteran Snoop Dogg showing Aggie love. Does having famous fans like these amp up Johnny's swagger status? For shizzle.


UF Gators' social media campaign to bring Justin Timberlake to campus

Sorry, Gator fans - it's not happening. Justin Timberlake isn't coming to perform on campus because you ask him to, especially not in those sad excuses for "suits and ties." Taking to social media with your silly hashtag #BringJT2UF and desperate photographic pleas isn't going to woo the Memphis Tigers fan to an SEC matchup. UF students get credit for thinking big, but the only one winning style points here is the man, Dick Vitale.

Do you think TSR got it right? Leave your Hails and Fails in the comments!


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  1. Yeah, those are VERY sorry excuses for suits and ties.