Pumpkin Pride

Fall is here and pumpkins will soon take their rightful place on porches across the country, but not before they have some major work done. While many keep it simple with a traditional jack-o'-lantern face and toothy grin, others elevate pumpkin carving to an art form with highly intricate designs that express their individuality.

For sports fans who want to immerse themselves in the spirit of the season, try a unique pumpkin carved in the likeness of your favorite team, sport or athlete. With a little imagination, creativity and the right carving tools, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few examples to inspire your pumpkin pride:

Need some help carving your own creation? Get started with one of these pumpkin carving kits in your favorite NFL, NCAA, MLB or NHL team!

Green Bay Packers NFL
Pumpkin Carving Kit

Nebraska Cornhuskers NCAA
Pumpkin Carving Kit

 New York Yankees MLB
Pumpkin Carving Kit

Pittsburgh Penguins NHL
Pumpkin Carving Kit

How are you going to carve your pumpkin this year?


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