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If you’re anything like me, you’re a sports fan, but you don’t necessarily own a jersey or have enough accessories in your closet to show your team spirit. A great way to show you pride is through your makeup! It can be tricky and go very wrong if your team has funky colors. You don’t want to end up looking clownish at the bar or while cheering in the stands. No need to worry though, Danielleisms is here to make sure you look your best on game day.

For this LSU Tigers look I chose to use purple as my main color. Purple is very complimentary on all eye colors and most skin tones. I used the yellow in the inner corner to accent the purple. If using yellow scares you, try using a yellow-toned gold for a less bold look . On my lips I used a very sheer, shimmery berry gloss.

I paid tribute to the reigning Super Bowl Champions, the New York Giants, by using medium and deep blues on my eyelids and highlighted my tear duct area and brow bone with a shimmery white. I chose to line my lower lash line with a bold red. Since my eyes have so much color I chose a nude lipstick and shimmery peach gloss. If you prefer not to wear red on the eyes, go for a red lip stain or gloss to show your NY pride.

Game Day Tips: 
  • Use a tinted moisturizer or foundation with SPF, especially if you’re going to be outdoors watching the game. If your foundation doesn’t have SPF, be sure to apply sunscreen first.
      • Pick one color to be your focus. I don’t recommend always using all the team colors on your eyes. You can use blush or lip products to bring in accent colors.
      • If possible, work with your skin tone and eye color. If your team colors are blue and orange and you have blue eyes, using a lot of blue eye shadow isn’t ideal. Opt for burnt oranges to make your eyes pop and consider a blue mascara or liner as the accent color. If you’re not sure which colors complement each other, consult a color wheel!

      Product Recommendations:
        • Coastal Scents Original 88 palette is a great starter eye shadow kit with a large variety of colors ranging from funky blues to pretty, shimmery neutrals and is available on Amazon for under $20.
        • Eye shadow primer is key for making your bright colors really pop and last all day and night! Try Urban Decay’s Primer Potion as a base for your eye shadows.

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        1. Love the LSU colors! Obviously. ;-) Thanks for the tips! I may have to bust out some makeup for the Ravens because my Saints need a miracle at this point and I don't want to waste the effort. ;x