Whistle-Worthy: Maryland & West Virginia's Uniforms

The Maryland at West Virginia game on Saturday was certainly not the most hyped college football game of the weekend, but it was the most interesting to look at. Both teams put on a fashion show of their new uniforms and although they clashed a bit on the field, they each had their own individual appeal. West Virginia's ensemble, courtesy of Nike, is part of a new uniform package that will give the Mountaineers 32 combinations to choose from during their inaugural season in the Big 12. Maryland's "White Ops" uniform, designed by Under Armour, is the newest addition to the team's flashy arsenal.

While a casual observer's initial reaction upon first seeing these uniforms might have been, "What are they wearing?" TSR couldn't help but be impressed by their originality and the willingness of both teams to go outside their standard color schemes. This may not have been the most anticipated match up this past weekend, but it definitely made the biggest fashion statement.

Check out some pictures of Maryland and West Virginia's whistle-worthy uniforms:

What do you think of these uniforms?


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