Rulebook: Show Your True Colors

Rule #6: Every sports fan should be proud to represent their team, but some team colors can be challenging to wear, not to mention hard to look at. Although the color wheel may validate some choices, it's clear that quite a few sports teams didn't consider style when choosing their color palettes.

Here are a few of the usual suspects:

Clemson Orange & Purple

Milwaukee Bucks Red & Green

Miami Dolphins Orange & Green

Pittsburgh Penguins Black & Yellow

New York Mets Blue & Orange

While they may be difficult to look at, it's easy to see that these color combinations don't work well and therefore, wouldn't look good on most people. They're either too bold, blindingly vibrant or hopelessly clashing.  

If your team is guilty of a poor color combo, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your style to represent. Choose black or white options (which look great on everyone) and even consider non-traditional colors depending on what suits you best. You can get apparel for most teams in every color of the rainbow, so the choices are endless. No matter what hue you wear to support your team, your true colors will always shine through.

Which team do you think has the worst colors?


The Style Ref


  1. What happens if your team suddenly goes crazy and changes their whole logo/color scheme to one that's just totally out there? Lol...


    (and for the record, I am NOT a Marlins fans, lol)

    - Chris

    1. Great question, Chris! Same rules apply: stick with what works best for you.

      P.S. - There's an upcoming post on the Miami Marlins *new look*, so stay tuned and add your comments!

    2. ahhhh! WHAT IS THAT? D: