The Final Four "Bring It On"

After a month of madness, we've finally arrived at the Final Four. The four NCAA basketball teams still standing will battle it out this weekend and a new champion will be crowned on Monday night. Sure, the players and coaches get a lot of credit and rightly so, but what about the "sixth man?" No, not the fans - the cheerleaders.

The cheerleading squads representing each of the Final Four teams have been working just as hard as the basketballers and have to look good doing it. While both have their physical demands, cheerleaders have to perform their routines with style, class and smiles even when the scoreboard doesn't favor them. NCAA cheerleading teams vary and not all are created equal. In fact, they deserve their own Final Four! So in the spirit of the cult-classic cheerleading film, TSR presents:

MATCH-UP: University of Kentucky Cheerleaders vs. University of Louisville Cheerleaders

1st Half:

2nd Half:

TSR's Call: It was close in the first half as both squads came out looking strong, but Kentucky pulled out an impressive human + mascot pyramid for the win! Kentucky blue and white is a tough color combination to beat when compared to Louisville's generic black and red. The Wildcats' classic uniforms also scored them points since the Cardinals' squad looks more like they're heading to the gym.

Winner: University of Kentucky Cheerleaders

MATCH-UP: The Ohio State University Cheerleaders vs. University of Kansas Cheerleaders

1st Half:

2nd Half:

TSR's Call: Another great match-up between some impressive squads! Kansas dominated in the first half with a dazzling ensemble, coordinating pom poms and plenty of attitude. Ohio State came back strong in the second half with improved uniforms and an exciting formation, but KU never faltered with yet another stylish uniform choice and high-energy moves.

Winner: University of Kansas Cheerleaders

CHAMPIONSHIP: University of Kentucky Cheerleaders vs. University of Kansas Cheerleaders

1st Half:

 2nd Half:

TSR's Call: This was it. The final stop on the road to the championship. Winner. Take. All. Both teams donned their most eye-catching uniforms and gave it all they had. At the end of the first half, it was tie game and the squads regrouped to come out blazing in the second half. Kentucky went big and bold with a return to their classic uniform and an impressive formation proclaiming their Wildcat pride. Kansas also revived a crowd favorite ensemble and turned up the energy. In a narrow finish, the Jayhawks cheerleaders defeated Kentucky with their consistent style, stage presence, confidence and superior fashion choices. (Hey, this is a blog about fashion AND sports!)

Congratulations to the 2012 NCAA "Bring It On" Champions: 
University of Kansas Cheerleaders

Do you think the best squad won?


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