Top 5 Tourney Trends

Every NCAA Tournament brings its own unique crop of fashion trends, which is almost as fun to watch as the actual games. This year was no different, so let's break down the Top 5 Tourney Trends of 2012 (in no particular order):

1. Neon Yellow

Baylor bears sole responsibility for this tourney trend. This uniform choice begs the question: Is this just a fashion statement or a clever tactic to make it difficult for your opponents to look directly at you during play? Whatever the reason, Baylor definitely stood out this season in more ways than one and props to the team for posing as human highlighters.

2. Statement Sneakers

The shoes apparently make the player and they could be seen in all shapes, colors and sizes this tournament season. Perhaps another ploy to distract their opponents, so they're too busy looking at each others kicks to take care of the ball? Clever, boys!

3. Flashy Socks

Saggy, worn-out socks like these are SO out.

Tight, high, colorful socks like these are SO in. They were all the rage this year as an array of teams strutted their socks appeal on the court.

4. Basketball Sleeves

You've probably seen NBA players wearing basketball sleeves, but they're actually worn by many athletes. They're more than just an accessory - they increase blood flow,  reduce muscle fatigue and help prevent arm injuries. Plus, they come in different colors!

5. All About Ties

Basketball coaches traditionally wear suits, so there's little left to work with when it comes to making a personal (yet conservative) fashion statement. Thankfully, there's a world of ties to choose from. Coaches rocked a rainbow of ties from the sidelines, maybe in hopes it would help their players pick them out among all the screaming fans.

What other trends did you spot in the 2012 NCAA Tournament?


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  1. omg Baylor. who sponsors them? Highlighters? ~Write out loud!!

    High colorful socks? These bball players wish they could pull those off! Soccer players own that style!! =]