Going Green

If you have Irish heritage or simply enjoy the, er...historical significance of St. Patrick's Day, you might be tempted to go green for your team on March 17. No matter what your favorite team's colors are, everyone gets a makeover as the world comes together on one magical day to celebrate the "wearing of the green." Every league gets in on the action, so check out TSR's top picks to make your fellow fans (and rivals) green with envy!

St. Patrick's Day NHL Fanwear
Washington Capitals Burnout Tank, New Jersey Devils Vintage Hoodie,
Nashville Predators St. Patrick's Flag T-Shirt, Boston Bruins St. Patrick's Knit Hat,  
Vancouver Canucks St. Patty's Day Hat

St. Patrick's Day NBA Fanwear

Chicago Bulls Hoodie, New York Knicks Jeremy Lin T-Shirt
Boston Celtics Kelly Green Track Jacket,
NBA Socks, Toronto Raptors Two Tone St. Patrick's Day Hat

St. Patrick's Day MLB Fanwear
Detroit Tigers T-Shirt, St. Louis Cardinals Four Leaf Luck T-Shirt,  
Chicago Cubs Socks, Boston Red Sox Hat, New York Yankees Drawstring Backpack

St. Patrick's Day NFL Fanwear
Indianapolis Colts St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fortune Tank Top,  
Oakland Raiders Ladies Boxer Shorts, Chicago Bears Shamrock Pajama Pants,  
Miami Dolphins Hat

St. Patrick's Day NCAA Fanwear
Oregon Ducks Shamrock T-Shirt, Notre Dame Ladies Track Hoodie,  
Georgia Bulldogs Boxer Shorts, Michigan State St. Patrick's Day Socks
Florida State St. Patrick's Day Hat

What are you "going green" in this St. Patrick's Day?


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