Rulebook: Vintage is Always In

Rule #5: History matters in sports and vintage fanwear takes it out of the record books and into our closets. For sports fans, old becomes new again with throwback cuts and designs that remind us of the past. However, just because it looks old doesn't mean it's vintage, so it's important to choose items that look authentic and stylish. TSR has you covered with some no-fail, high-quality vintage picks for fans who know that no matter what decade it is, team loyalty is always in fashion.

New York Jets Vintage Collection Reebok Snapback Hat Cap

Chicago Bulls Graduate Sweatshirt

New York University College Style Retro Varsity Jacket

Dallas Cowboys 1960 V-Neck Tee

Vintage Florida Gators Cufflinks

Philadelphia Phillies Vintage Twill Jacket

Los Angeles Dodgers Women's Extra Point T-Shirt

Hartford Whalers Mitchell & Ness Vintage Duffle Bag

Chicago Blackhawks Head Coach Cardigan

Miami Heat Downtown Track Jacket

Do you have any vintage team apparel in your closet? Tell TSR in the comments!


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  1. I wish I hadn't gotten rid of my old school Tampa Bay Devil Rays hat and little league shirt! The colors and logo will never be seen again!