Oh, the Linsanity

If you haven't heard of the NBA's newest phenom Jeremy Lin, you probably don't watch television, don't use the Internet and have a tendency to cover your eyes and ears in public places. Even social outcasts are no match for "Linsanity," the contagious excitement about one special player that's sweeping professional basketball fans worldwide.

Jeremy Lin, the 23-year-old New York Knicks point guard, has quickly become the most famous Asian American basketball player in the game and his NBA career is just getting started. Lin had played only 55 minutes in the Knicks' first 23 games of the 2012 regular season, but all that changed on February 4 when he set career highs in a 99–92 Knicks victory over the New Jersey Nets. Lin went on to lead the Knicks to a 7-game winning streak and continues to impress, giving New York basketball fans a lot to look forward to this season.

The sudden onset of "Linsanity" ignited immediate consumer demand for Lin-loving fanwear and although he skyrocketed to fame only a few short weeks ago, there's already a broad variety to choose from. As evidence of his intense commercial appeal, Lin's already trademarking the very term that describes his incredible rise to media prominence.

Check out a few items for truly "Linsane" fans:

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  1. I am all in... Although, LinSanity doesn't mean I will watch the NBA, haha. I am just up for a good 'ol fashion second chance type of story! Also, it's nice he has broken up the media frenzy on Whitney Houston a bit.... Good post TSR!