10 Stylish Sweaters That Will Put Your Ugly Sweater to Shame

I've never totally understood the ugly sweater trend — it's funny at first, but who really wants to be seen wearing a hideous sweater?! It used to be the most dreaded of holiday gifts and usually found a home deep in the back of your closet, never to be seen again. Then I suppose that one day, *someone* thought it would be funny to wear an awful sweater to a holiday party and so, a novelty trend was born. Now, they actually sell "ugly sweaters" and people willingly purchase them to wear. Go figure.

I, for one, think pretty sweaters deserve more of the spotlight; why should the ugly ones get all the attention? Here are some of my favorite sweaters for sports fans that bring their style game, too!

ASU sweaters

ASU Sun Devils

Baltimore Orioles

Bruins sweater

Boston Bruins

NFL sweater

Cincinnati Bengals

MLB sweater

Detroit Tigers

Lakers sweater

L.A. Lakers

Jets sweater

N.Y. Jets

Penn State sweater

Penn State Nittany Lions

NHL sweater

Tampa Bay Lightning

NCAA sweater

Texas Tech Red Raiders

Which pretty sweater would you wear?


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