Sports Fan DIY: Team Phone Stand

DIY phone stand

I don't think the phone stand gets enough credit. It's really useful for propping up your phone, so you can easily read notifications. It enables better sound from your speaker since it's not muffled against a hard surface and it takes up less space. On top of all that, it's a great placeholder for your phone -- once you train yourself to use it, you'll never have to guess where you left your phone. It'll just be there...waiting for you. I like that.

The thing is finding an attractive phone stand is harder than you think. In my search, I realized I could make one that I actually liked and have a little DIY fun, too!

I love my new team phone stand and wanted to share this simple project with you -- just substitute your favorite team's colors. I chose green and gold for my alma mater, USF. This also makes a great gift since it's useful and personalized.

Here's what you'll need:

DIY supplies

Paint the mini easel with one coat of acrylic paint. Let dry.

paint phone stand

Apply another coat, if desired. Let dry.

apply second coat

Using your choice of Sharpie marker(s), write your team's name, chant or saying,
and decorate to your heart's content!

team phone stand

Prop up the mini easel, so it stands securely and place your phone on it. Voila, phone stand!

stand for cell phone

Note: Depending on where your charger is, you may have to turn your phone sideways to allow it to sit on the phone stand while charging. It's amazing how sturdy this little easel is!

Are you going to try this sports fan DIY?


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