My NFL Preseason Shopping Spree

It's hard to live in a world without football, but don't despair because it's about to come roaring back! Preseason has begun and only a few weeks stand between NFL fans and season kickoff on Sept. 10. I've always said that a new year calls for new additions to your team wardrobe, but since most of us (try to) live on a budget, I thought it would be fun to imagine my life without one.

I'm sure most of us have dreamed of winning a shopping spree and picking up whatever we wanted, regardless of how much it cost or if we really needed it. YOLO, people, so I decided to indulge myself...in a hypothetical (gotcha!) -- what would my NFL preseason shopping spree look like? Check out my picks and Go Giants! :)

Are you excited for football season and who are you rooting for?


The Style Ref

Image via Business Insider


  1. Last night, during the Dallas Cowboys preseason game, their website ran a flash sale... I went a little crazy. I'm blaming it on the cabernet and the lack of Tony Romo on the field ;)