From Work to the Watch Party: The Second Pair of Shoes Solution for Sports Fans

Shoe Along product review

Ladies, if you're heading to a sports bar to watch the game after work, switching from your heels into a comfortable pair of shoes is a no-brainer, especially if you're taking public transportation. The challenge comes when figuring out how to carry that second pair of shoes.

Most women resort to using a plastic bag or lugging around a second bag just for their shoes, but isn't there already enough to carry? There has to be a stylish, convenient solution for this shoe lover's dilemma, so TSR found one.

Shoe Along was thoughtfully designed for the active woman who values both comfort and style. It's basically a large pouch that can accommodate women's size 5-11 shoes or sneakers. It slips over your purse handle and attaches to the outside of your handbag, so you stay hands-free and don't have to worry about additional straps. It also rolls up nicely and ties off with a satin ribbon, so it can be easily stored back in your purse when not in use. Click here to watch a short demonstration.

This all sounds like music to my feet, so TSR decided to give it a try...

Shoe Along

Shoe Along

Shoe Along

Shoe Along

Shoe Along

Shoe Along

Shoe Along

  • The fabric is light and durable, so it doesn't add additional weight and protects your shoes from all weather conditions.

  • It works with different purse strap lengths (my purse shown here has short handles and a long shoulder strap, and Shoe Along fit over either).

  • It's roomy enough for high heels, but it would be great to have a larger size option for boots.

  • Shoe Along's website instructs you to position the pouch on the front side of your handbag, but you might prefer to show off your purse (like me!). Slipping the pouch over the back handle, so it lays on the back side of the purse instead, didn't cause any issues and allowed the front of my bag to show.

  • Black is simple and classic, but it would be even better if Shoe Along came in team colors!  

  • The only thing missing from the Shoe Along is some kind of fabric divider to keep shoes from scratching or hitting each other in the pouch.
Final Score

4.5 out of 5 whistles!

Would you try Shoe Along for your daily commute? Shop for yours at the product website or on Amazon.


The Style Ref

*Shoe Along provided one complimentary bag to review. All opinions regarding Shoe Along are my own.

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