Symbolic Style: The Olympic Rings

The Olympic rings are everywhere right now and although they're a familiar symbol of the Olympic Games, what exactly do these five, multicolored, interlocking circles mean?

Originally designed in 1912 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games, the blue, yellow, black, green and red rings on a white background are the colors that appeared on all the national flags that competed in the Olympic Games at that time. Those six colors, including the white background, represent all nations without exception, making it a truly international symbol. The number of rings represents the five continents and they're interlaced to convey the unity of the world's athletes during the Olympic Games. In the midst of intense competition between nations, the Olympic rings remind us all that ultimately, we're part of something much bigger than ourselves.

In the spirit of London 2012, TSR tracked down some great, online finds that put the Olympic rings fashionably on display:

Olympic Rings Inspired Necklace

Unisex Olympic Rings Beanie Hat

Red Leather Olympic Rings Wrist Watch

Wire Wrapped Olympic Rings

Hand Painted Olympics Leather Bracelet

Olympic Rings Silver Necklace

Beige Olympic Crochet Pouch

Olympic Rings Stainless Steel Watch

Olympic Games Crochet Bracelets

Dana Reed Gold Olympic Rings Earrings

"One Dream" Framed Print

Olympic Rings Necklace in Swarovski
Crystal and Sterling Silver

Olympic Rings Cookie Cutter

Olympic Rings License Plate

World Rings Print 1" Wide Adjustable Dog Collar

Which of these is your favorite for showing off the Olympic rings?


The Style Ref


  1. Love both necklaces!

  2. Either the snow hat (although its summer) or the cookie cutter!