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Tattoos are symbols of things that carry special meaning, so it's not surprising that many athletes at London 2012 have the iconic Olympic rings inked on their bodies. These Olympians have worked tirelessly over the last four years and the majority of their lives to be among the best in their sport, so this tattoo serves as a badge of honor for this elite group of athletes, regardless of whether they ever medal.

Although the Olympic rings tattoo is generally popular among Olympians of all nationalities, the U.S. swim team takes it to another level. Aside from its obvious symbolism, it's a mark of prestige among American swimmers who fiercely compete for spots on the national Olympic team. Just how competitive is it? According to the New York Times, only two qualify in most events and the 49 members of the 2012 team represent close to the top one-tenth of a percent of the country’s registered swimmers.

American swimmers are certainly not the only ones showing off their rings. Take a peek at who TSR spotted with Olympic ink at London 2012:

USA Swimmer Matt Grevers

British Diver Nicholas Robinson Baker

USA Archer Khatuna Lorig

French Swimmer Clement Lefert

Canadian Hammer Thrower James Steacy

USA Swimmer Ryan Lochte

USA Gymnast Jonathan Horton

British Handball Player Kelsi Fairbrother

Canadian Swimmer Ryan Cochrane

Venezuelan Gymnast Jessica Lopez

USA Swimmer Michael Phelps

Want your own Olympic rings tattoo minus the discomfort and commitment? Try this temporary version and show off your ink!

Olympic Rings Temporary Tattoo

The rings are definitely a popular choice, but athletes express themselves through a variety of unique tats. Share your favorite with TSR on Facebook or Twitter!


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  1. You know, I don't really do tattoos and my only real opinion about them is that as long as you can hide them in formal wear, they're fine....

    But those are actually pretty cool!! Thanks for sharing and posting. Who knew there were so many folks with rings on their skin that don't need to be removed! :)