A Charming Sip

We've all seen wine charms before - those little, decorative rings that sit around the stem of your wine glass, so you can easily keep track of it at parties. Surely, you haven't seen any this unique for sports fans!

Unique Wine Glass Charms by Cookie Roberts are fun, original, handcrafted keepsakes that make great gifts for you and your fellow wine lovers. With 11 years of experience designing, making and selling wine charms, Roberts can create a custom set to reflect any interest, including your favorite sports team.

The countdown to football season has begun, so get into the spirit with NCAA or NFL-themed wine charms that are sure to make your guests cheer(s)!

Check out a few sets from Roberts' website:

***TSR readers get FREE shipping and $2 off each set when you purchase from Unique Wine Glass Charms! Just mention "The Style Ref."

Click here to learn more about Unique Wine Glass Charms and order your custom set! You can also catch Roberts at craft fairs and markets across the Southeast, including the Pass-a-Grille Art Mart in St. Pete Beach, FL this summer. Cheers!


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  1. I have 4 sets of charms from Cookie and all my friends want them! She was really nice too! I'am getting them for Christmas for my friends! Donna