Rulebook: Just Say No to "Shrink It and Pink It"

Rule #7: Not too long ago, when women walked into a local sporting goods store or their campus bookstore, they'd likely encounter a selection of products like this:

No, your computer screen isn't playing tricks on you - it's really all pink. This phenomenon, known as "Shrink It and Pink It," was the sports apparel industry's response to the growing consumer market of female fans. In the past, women were limited to men's styles or one-size-fits-all options with little to choose from that took current fashion trends into account. It took them long enough, but apparel companies finally noticed the void and filled it. Suddenly, stores were flooded with items that were a lot smaller and a lot pinker, forcing women to choose between that and their boyfriend/dad/brother's over-sized jersey. Even celebrities bought into it. Does this look familiar?

This begs the obvious question: Did they even ask women what they wanted to wear or did a group of male executives unilaterally decide that the "Shrink It and Pink It" concept defined women's fashion? However they came to this conclusion, it proved that Corporate America and the sports world still didn't get it. Like men, women's wardrobes aren't defined by a single color, and the assumption that fashion simply equates to slimmer fits is dismissive and ignorant. It was time to change the game.

Thanks to pioneers like Alyssa Milano and retailers like Victoria's Secret, the market did change and female fans have a greater, trendier selection than ever before. Shopping for fanwear is fun now, not disappointing, and that's a good thing for retailers since women do a lot of it. The options are truly limitless and the good news is it's only the beginning. Female influence in sports is real and here to stay, and as long as men keep listening, things will be just fine.

Have you been a victim of "Shrink It and Pink It?"


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