Fan Find: Wine and Cheese, Please

For college sports fans, the end of March Madness signals the start of a tedious waiting period until their beloved teams return in late August for football season. It can be difficult to adjust to life without college sports, so it's important to fill the void by surrounding yourself with things that remind you of your alma mater.

If you're a wine and cheese connoisseur (or a special sports fan in your life is), an NCAA wine and cheese tote could be just the thing to get you through the off-season blues. You'll be amazed how warmer weather, blue skies, and a little wine and cheese can suddenly make you forget last season's heartbreaking loss(es), devastating injuries and embarrassing play-calling. Somehow, everything will seem a little sweeter, just like the drink in your glass. So bid farewell to the past and make an afternoon toast to the magic of college sports that keeps hopelessly hopeful fans coming back year after year.

While you anticipate the return of college sports, enjoy the wait with one of these cool wine and cheese totes in your favorite NCAA team:

Picnic Time NCAA Duet Wine and
Cheese Picnic Tote - Miami Hurricanes

Picnic Basket Set For 2 Wine Tote - LSU Tigers

Picnic Time NCAA Duet Wine and
Cheese Picnic Tote - Auburn Tigers

Malibu Picnic Pack - Oklahoma Sooners

Planning to pack one of these for your next picnic?


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  1. Very cute! I have never seen these before. USF have one?!

    1. There isn't one for USF, but there are a variety of USF coolers for sale! Check these out: