Rulebook: Never Mix Teams

Rule #4: Growing up, most people are taught how to coordinate pieces when getting dressed. We learned that certain things just don't go together: sandals and socks, pajama pants and a dress shirt, spandex and...well, anything. A similar rule applies for sports fans, but as with many unwritten laws of fashion, we see major offenders time and time again. Before TSR spells it out, let's see if you can guess what's wrong with these pictures?

If you haven't figured it out already, each of these fans has violated a cardinal rule of fanhood: mixing teams. To clarify, mixing teams occurs when a fan wears articles of clothing that represent opposing teams, regardless of the sport. However, it's perfectly acceptable to represent two teams from the same city, like this guy:

As for mixing teams, it takes considerable courage to be a walking contradiction, but this is all wrong and can never be right. No self-respecting sports fan would ever wear another team's hat, shirt or jersey. This offense cannot go unaddressed - it's our duty as team loyalists to right these wrongs, so if you see people mixing teams, calmly point out the mistake and assure them that you know they can do better. It's easy to get lost in the hype and some fans just need help finding their way. 

The bottom line is just because you see someone wearing it doesn't make it ok.

Which teams have you seen people mix before?


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