Remember the Good Times

If you're a New England Patriots fan, chances are you felt a huge lump of disappointment after the Super Bowl (or maybe it was those nachos you devoured during halftime). At any rate, you're probably still reminiscing over the season and all the great moments that led to that point, wondering how things went so wrong. These moments happen every year in the magical, painful world of sports and no matter what happens, we'll always remember the good times because that's what fuels our hopes and dreams for next season.

Luckily, BustedTees.com has designed a line of shirts that keeps those fond memories close to our hearts. The "Loyalist" is a new line of nostalgic sports tees with references to former greats like Larry Bird, Wayne Gretzky and Muhammad Ali. They even created limited edition Super Bowl shirts for proud Patriots and Giants fans. Here's a quick look at the "Loyalist" line:

For the loyal Giants fan

For the loyal Patriots fan

Loyalty is important to sports fans, so TSR has teamed up with BustedTees.com to give two, lucky readers a shirt that shows where their loyalty lies. Here's what you have to do to win:

TSR and BustedTees.com will give away a shirt of choice from the "Loyalist" line to two readers who: 1) "Like" both our Facebook pages (which you can do below in just two clicks!) and tell us who your favorite sports hero/great is in a comment on this post. The deadline to enter is Sunday, Feb. 12. TSR will randomly select two winners and notify them via Facebook. Please include your first and last name, so TSR can find you!

Ladies (and Gentlemen), this could be a great post-Valentine's gift for the sports fan in your life. Good luck!


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  1. My Favorite sports Hero is Hulk Hogan
    and I'd like to get Wayne Gretzky's The Great One shirt

  2. I'm Canadian, so I have to say "The Great One" is perfect!!

  3. SO I have debated the question. I am new to caring about sports so I really don't have a "hero." I will say I think Justin Verlander is stand up and seems he is on the path to being "legendary." I admire Peyton Manning's style, obviously one in a few that can do what he has done; however this past season and neck situation are sketchy; I am afraid the media and public will turn him into another Brett Farve "story is overplayed-type."

    Growing up, I can remember watching the Olympics and being in awe of their hero-like feats... So I'll also give a shout out to the Olympians out there - much admired!

    p.s. Love your style BustedTees! Very cute.

  4. David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox :D

  5. PELE!!! What he did for soccer in the U.S was and is still so amazing!! He's a legend that still lives on in the entire soccer world. Just ask any player wearing #10!!

  6. Muhammad Ali. I love his style, both in and out of the ring. A truly amazing human being. A true legend.

    1. Just realized I'm supposed to put my full name...

  7. My sports hero is Joe Maddon. He is a true leader and innovator in the world of sports! Also, only Uncle Joe can pull off glasses and a sweatshirt with such class. :)

    Go Rays,

    Torianne Valdez

  8. Love the shirts! I'd have to say Jacoby Ellsbury of the Boston Red Sox. Not only is he a great player, but boy, is he adorable! :)

    Amanda Tucker

  9. Loving this giveaway! I am a lover of both fashion AND sports! As a huge patriots fan, I would have to say Brady! Definitely have to have that last pictured shirt added to my wardrobe.

    I have liked both pages on Facebook.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    xo Melissa Burriss

  10. Derek Jeter is my sports hero! I have been a Yankees fan since I was born and he's always been such a great player, leader, and loyal Yankee! :)


  11. but tom and bruce jenner are pretty close!! hahaha