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"What's your call on combined team logos? The Phillies and Flyers have a combined logo and it appeals to me since I love both teams, but I'm afraid I might look like a Jabroni. What do you think?" 

This is a great question, especially in light of TSR's recent post on mixing teams. First, let's take a look at the Phillies-Flyers combination logo, which is really one of the first of its kind.

Throwback Philadelphia Phillies Logo

Philadelphia Flyers Logo


The Unofficial "Phlyers" Logo

Some internet digging revealed that the Phillies and Flyers are two of the only teams in popular culture to attempt and successfully introduce the combined logo. TSR is opposed to mixing teams, that is wearing fan apparel that represents opposing teams, regardless of the sport. However, showing love for teams from the same city is perfectly fine as long as you can physically, emotionally and mentally handle supporting more than one sport at a time. The cool thing about the combined logo is that it transcends a single team to pay homage to an entire city, which makes it an even more powerful fashion statement.

TSR's Call: Combined logos that are done right (like the "Phlyers" logo) are great if you're a serious supporter of the city and its team sports. No posers allowed!

What do you think about the idea of combined team logos? Good call or bad call? Make your choice below!


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