Basketball Wives Face-Off: Vanessa Bryant vs. La La Vazquez

If you've ever watched VH1's perplexingly successful hit show, Basketball Wives, you know these ladies are a unique breed. Looking good doesn't come cheap and their style is always turned up a few extra notches to reaffirm their basket-balla wife status. They don't walk the runway, but they definitely put on a courtside show as they cheer on their husbands.

Vanessa Bryant (soon-to-be ex-wife of L.A. Laker Kobe Bryant) and La La Vazquez (wife of New York Knick Carmelo Anthony) are two of the most notable wives in the game. They're both famous for their fashion antics, but it's time to settle it once and for all in this massive match up: Who gets the crown for Craziest Courtside Couture? Let's examine the evidence.

The Style Ref would like to call your attention to Ms. Vanessa Bryant:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

And just for fun...poor kids.

The Style Ref would now like to enter evidence for consideration of Ms. La La Vazquez:

Exhibit D

Exhibit E

Exhibit F

And to make it even...another one just for fun even though
she's nowhere near a basketball court.

Let's break this down: Obviously, both basketball wives have made their fashion statements both on and off the court. It's even admirable that their personal style hasn't taken a backseat to their role as a domestic cheerleader: they wear it loud and they definitely wear it proud. In some cases, they've even made it a family affair. However, neither one of them is dressed for a basketball game; more like a fashion show that nobody would go to.

In yet another close call, the crown for Craziest Courtside Couture goes to: Vanessa Bryant

Vanessa is entitled to put on her own show at basketball games (regardless of whether anyone wants to watch), but involving her kids in these fashion antics pushed her over the edge. Her daughters will have to live with those photos forever and not just in family albums, but all over the WORLD WIDE WEB until someone deletes the Internet. That's a long time and a lot of embarrassing outfits to live down. Her marriage may be kaput and her basketball wife status along with it, but for TSR, Vanessa still wears the crown.

What do you think? Do you agree with the verdict?


The Style Ref


  1. grown women should NOT wear tutus!

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