Giveaway: Minimalist Mascots for Modern Sports Fans

sports fan art
I'm always on the lookout for cool, unique products that celebrate the love of sports. That's why I've been a longtime fan of S. Preston Art + Designs. His modern interpretation of iconic stadiums are vibrant pieces of art that smartly key in on the visual elements of these beloved structures. They're not only interesting to look at, they tell a story. Then he moved on to another beloved element in sports — mascots.

I LOVE mascots, especially my own Rocky the Bull from the University of South Florida. I know a lot of other sports fans hold their mascots close to their hearts, too; some even invite them to their weddings! So when I saw S. Preston's new mascot poster prints and mugs in the same minimalist style he's famous for, I had to share. (I've already submitted my request for a Rocky the Bull mug, so standby USF fans!)

sports team mug

To celebrate the much-anticipated return of college football, I'm teaming up with S. Preston to give away a college mascot poster print (pending availability; otherwise, the winner can choose an NFL mascot poster print). >> Head over to my Instagram @thestyleref to enter!

I highly encourage you to explore all of S. Preston's incredible art on his website. He's always adding new things and they all make great gifts for family, friends and colleagues! Leave a comment and let me know what you think of his style.


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