VIDEO: What's in My Work Purse

organizing your work purse

I'll be the first to admit I've been guilty of putting way too much in my work purse for far too long. I think it's ingrained in us from childhood to literally carry the world on our shoulders — in our backpacks, that is. I remember many of my backpacks growing up being unnecessarily heavy (because of all those relics called textbooks!) and my mom gasping at the weight when she tried to move it. I guess it's a natural transition into adulthood to find yourself hauling around a more stylish and sophisticated version of your grade school carryall, but still stop to wonder, what do I even have in there?

Earlier this year, I decided I was done with my heavy work purse and I vowed to downsize once and for all. I started using a medium-sized bag (as opposed to a large, roomy tote) to limit the amount of stuff I could fit inside. Then, I took a serious inventory of what I really need on a day-to-day basis and eliminated a lot of things that may be nice to have, but don't really get much use during the week when I'm mainly in my car, at home or in the office. This process really opened my eyes to how I could make more efficient use of purse space and believe me, I now feel much lighter!

I thought this exercise might be helpful to other boss ladies out there suffering from heavy purse syndrome, so I put together a video to walk through what's in my work purse, along with some quick tips!

So now, I've got to ask, what's in your work purse? ;)

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