Trend Timeout: Snap Pants, Dressed Up & Dressed Down

The last time snap pants were in style, I was in high school and admittedly, was definitely not athletic enough to pull them off. They're sporty and sleek, but also incredibly classic, so it's not surprising to see them back in action and making a renewed fashion statement. While I've certainly seen snap pants dressed down, they take on new life when you dress them up and surprisingly, can look incredibly chic. Now that they're back on the fashion scene, I got inspired to put my own spin on them, both dressed up and dressed down.

When I started shopping online, it quickly became apparent that Adidas is the OG of snap pants, but I didn't want to spend a lot to try this trend, so naturally, I went to Shein.com! 😉 This is one of my favorite places to shop when I want to experiment with super trendy items without breaking the bank. I'm happy to report that Shein has a respectable selection of snap pants, so I bought two pairs in black and green (the green are currently unavailable 😞, but they might come back in stock).

I decided to use the green snap pants to put together these two outfits because I love the pop of color and I wanted my dressed down look to channel USF colors (green and gold). However, now that I've styled the green, I know the black would be equally versatile and stylish, too. I'm really pleased with how both outfits turned out! Check out the results below.


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Which look is your favorite and how would you wear snap pants, dressed up or dressed down? Leave me a comment below!

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