While It's Still Sweater Weather (Except in Florida)

I love sweaters because they're easy to dress up or down and they're so comfortable; it's like wearing your pajamas out in public! Unfortunately, sweater weather doesn't last long where I live in Florida, but I'll take what I can get. Sweaters are also a bit of an investment — most people don't own that many, so the ones they do have are pretty special. I particularly love throwback varsity sweaters and how timeless they are, but they have to be done just right. That's why I like Hillflint. This is how a collegiate sweater is supposed to look!


Hillflint's sweaters come in a variety of colleges, including the Ivy League schools (hey, Harvard!). I also like that you can choose from a few designs depending on whether you want your school's name emblazoned on your chest or you just want to sport an initial as a subtle nod to your alma mater.

As is often the case, they don't have my school yet (c'mon, Bulls!), so I opted for another institution that's close to my heart — the United States Military Academy. My dad served in the Army and one of his favorite places in the world was West Point. Every year, I root for the Black Knights in the Army-Navy game in memory of my dad, who faithfully watched the game with immense pride. All those memories make me love this sweater even more!

collegiate sweater

women's army sweater

college team sweater

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sports fan sweater

If it's still sweater weather where you live or you want to get a major head start on your fall wardrobe, check out Hillflint!


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  1. Go Army! Beat Navy! You look amazing in that sweater, ridiculously beautiful! I am about to purchase one, and sure hope they fit well!