If You Don't Like It, Put Some Paint on It

I love Spring cleaning. After all the hectic, stuffy, over-decorated holiday months, it's such a refreshing time of year when everything feels new again. While the goal of Spring cleaning is to trash some things, the really fun part is that, occasionally, I find some new treasures along the way. One of my personal home decor tips is: If you don't like it, put some paint on it. A quick trip to your local craft store and a few dollars spent can transform something blah into something beautiful.

I've found this works particularly well with picture frames. I have a lot of extras stashed in a box for future photos I want to frame or gifts I want to give. I bought this football frame years ago and was waiting for a good gameday photo to put inside it. The problem is it looks like it belongs in a little boy's room, so I decided to change that by applying a few coats of acrylic rose gold paint. Gorgeous, right?! So if you come across something at home or even out shopping that doesn't look quite right in it's current state, keep in mind that a little paint can go a long way.

DIY picture frame

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painting a frame

football picture frame

football photo frame

Have you ever given something at home a makeover with paint? Tell me about it in the comments!


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