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bow & drape sweatshirt

Sequins and personalized stuff are two of my favorite things. Put them together and I'm in heaven...or as I recently found myself, stuck on Bow & Drape's website for far too long! Bow & Drape popped up in my Facebook feed recently and caught my eye with it's New York Giants-themed sweatshirts. When I clicked through, I was mesmerized. Not only were their products fun, stylish and eye-catching, they were totally customizable. Typically, clothing and accessories with this much embellishment are set in stone, but I was amazed at how easily I could change words, add fun emojis, and switch up the style and color. Bow & Drape leaves sites like Zazzle and CafePress in the (glittery) dust!

Although I'm not a fitness buff, I get my workout watching sports. I would argue you work your muscles rooting on (and yelling at) your favorite teams. For my first Bow & Drape experience, I wanted to create a cozy sweatshirt I could wear on gameday at home or on a quick run to the store. The process is easy. You can edit an existing design or create your own! I added some new text, moved it around to my liking and threw some sequined emojis into the mix. You can even customize the back if you want. Here's a peek at how to create your own:

Insert as much text as you want, plus change the letter color and style!

bow & drape personalized sweatshirt

You can add multiple emoji decals to your design.

custom clothing

When you're finished, select your size and order! You can even share your design with friends. 

watching sports is my cardio

watching sports is my cardio

women's football fan sweatshirt

sports fan fashion lifestyle blogger

Bow & Drape has more than just sweatshirts — you can customize all types of clothing for people and pets as well as accessories and home decor. I just ordered a throw pillow and have my eye on the satin bomber jacket! They even have a fun list of "punny sayings" to get your creativity flowing.

If watching sports is your cardio, too, you can buy my sweatshirt here! What punny saying would you put on your Bow & Drape creation?


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