A Dolphin for a Day

I've only been to one NFL game in my life and since I live in Orlando (where we don't have an NFL team...yet!), the chance to go to one doesn't come around often. So when I heard a preseason game was coming to town, I had to go no matter who was playing! It was the Atlanta Falcons vs. the Miami Dolphins, so although I'm a New York Giants fan at heart, I was willing to be a Dolphin for a day!

Miami Dolphins fans

Camping World Stadium

I went to the game with my friend Annie, who's a real Miami Dolphins fan. She loaned me a team shirt to wear and fortunately, Miami's colors are pretty flattering. We both sported these fun clear envelope purses from Little Earth, which are stadium-approved for NFL games. They're the perfect size, keep your hands free and hold all your essentials. Plus, getting through security is a breeze!

NFL stadium security

Miami Dolphins clear stadium-approved bag

clear bag for NFL stadium

Miami Dolphins gameday style

I was surprised to see how many female fans had trouble getting through security. Since Orlando isn't an NFL town, many people aren't familiar with the bag policy, so ladies who didn't have the right size or type of purse were forced to put their belongings in a plastic bag – the SHAME! I even saw one woman try to hide her purse in a tree outside the stadium. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be able to enjoy the game with only the squirrels to watch over my stuff.

NFL bag policy

NFL purse policy

It's safe to say Orlandoans weren't prepared for an NFL game. Numerous women (and even men) asked me where I got my clear envelope purse. Not only is it stylish, it gave me peace of mind that I could bring in my personal belongings without any worry of getting held up in security.

My first NFL preseason game was a fun experience, especially after a long hiatus from football. Now I can't wait for the regular season to begin!

Miami Dolphins preseason game Orlando

Have you ever been to an NFL preseason game?


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