7 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Office Space for College Football Season

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It's estimated that Americans spend 27 percent of each week at work. If you sit at a desk the majority of your day, that space becomes like a second home and decorating it with things you like can help you be more productive, reduce stress and increase overall happiness. I wholeheartedly subscribe to this theory, especially as a sports fan, but I don't want to break the bank outfitting my cubicle either. I've got bills to pay!

There are some easy and affordable ways to liven up your office space for college football season and beyond, no HGTV expert required! Here are seven decorating ideas to get you started:

1. Cool Map Art 

grafomap custom map art

GrafoMap lets you easily design and customize a piece of location-based art in a few simple steps. Sports fans can pick their hometowns or favorite venues to add a personal touch to their home or office. I created my own GrafoMap of MetLife Stadium in tribute to my New York Giants and tacked it on one of my cubicle walls. It's a subtle, artistic way to show my team pride.

2. Tassel Garland 

custom tassel garland in team colors

This is such an elegant, festive way to add some life to your drab office space. Shops like The Flair Exchange let you customize your garland, so – you guessed it – choose your team colors and voila, you're ready for football season! There are tons of options on Etsy, too.

3. Team Pennant 

NCAA team pennant

I have a pennant from my college dorm room that I couldn't find a place for in my apartment, so it has a new home on my cubicle wall! It's a great conversation starter with coworkers who catch a glance as they walk by. Shop now for NCAA pennants!

4. Mascot Bobblehead

team mascot bobblehead

I was fortunate enough to score my Rocky the Bull bobblehead as a gift, but there are plenty of online retailers that sell team mascot bobbleheads. Start with one and build your collection!

5. Football Schedule

college football team schedule

Any fan knows that a football schedule is essential information that needs to be easily accessible at all times during the season. I like to bookmark it on my phone and have it hanging next to my computer at work, so I can quickly check the details of each game as the weeks go by. College athletic departments create football schedule posters, so if you have the time, contact yours to see if they'd be willing to mail you one. You can also search for and download printable college football schedules for every NCAA team online.

6. Team Mousepad 

team mousepad

This is an easy one – there are so many options, though, so the real challenge is finding one you really like! Shop now for NCAA team mousepads.

7. Team Lights 

string lights in sports team colors

If you want to get a little fancier, especially around the holidays, hang a string of team colored lights to brighten up your office space. I really like Fanatic Lights.

How would you liven up your workspace for college football season?


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