6 Reasons to Binge-Watch Amazon's All or Nothing this Weekend

All or Nothing Arizona Cardinals

When I first heard about Amazon's new series, All or Nothing, which chronicles the Arizona Cardinals 2015 season, I thought, "How real can this really be? It's the NFL and surely they won't let people see what's really going on behind the scenes." After watching several episodes, I can report that they do. Plus, Jon Hamm narrates. Need I say more?

It's a long, hot summer for NFL fans, but this show is going to get you through and quench your thirst for the football you've been missing. If you still need convincing, here are six reasons to stay indoors this weekend and immerse yourself in All or Nothing's refreshing tale of the 2015 Arizona Cardinals:

1. The wisdom of Bruce Arians is everything you never knew you needed.

Coach Arians is the quintessential brash, super intense, potty-mouthed, occasionally violent, no-nonsense, tough-on-the-outside, teddy-bear-on-the-inside football coach that fans love to watch and players love to play for. In between all the curse words, he offers some profound wisdom and insight into the sport and life, in general, which makes him extremely entertaining to watch. He's hands down the breakout star of this series and I foresee a book in his future.

2. The Honey Badger Lives.

Remember the honey badger? Not the one featured in that YouTube video (which was pretty hilarious, you should watch it again actually), but the one who played for LSU and got kicked off the team for drug use. Tyrann Mathieu got his second chance when the Arizona Cardinals picked him in the 2013 NFL Draft and as one of the team's young stars, it's fascinating to watch how he uses this opportunity to redeem himself on a new stage. And yes, they still call him the honey badger, but thankfully, he toned down that ridiculous hair color.

3. Revel in the fact that team gear is acceptable workplace attire, but sadly, not where you work.

It must be noted that everyone who works for the Cardinals (with the exception of President Michael Bidwill) wears team gear to work, i.e. sweatshirts, gym shorts, sweatpants, t-shirts with the sleeves cut off, etc. That's a pretty good work benefit if you ask me.

4. Get your football fix in the off season. 

There's still more than a month until college football returns and the NFL season doesn't kick off until Sept. 8. Although we all know how everything ultimately played out last year, it's still exciting to relive the drama and excitement of the 2015 season from the Cardinals' perspective.

5. Fall in love all over again with the beauty and majesty of football.

NFL Films always does an incredible job of illustrating the wonder and drama of football and their work really shines in this documentary format. Fact: In sports and otherwise, real life trumps fiction every time.

6. If you don't currently claim an NFL team, you'll want to adopt the Cardinals after watching this series.

Arizona is one of the least controversial teams in the NFL, so it's easy to get personally invested in their story. Although I'm a devoted New York Giants fan, I found myself rooting for them from the first episode. The team has never won a Super Bowl and the 2015 lineup is comprised of rookies and veterans, each of whom have a unique backstory that brought them together to try to make history. It's pretty compelling stuff.

If you feel a sudden urge to show your support for the Cards, I've got you covered! Shop some of my favorite items for Arizona Cardinals fans below.

Have you watched Amazon's All or Nothing? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think!


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