Fan Find: Team Fanny Pack & Koozie

The fanny pack is one of the world's great mysteries — while widely considered a fashion faux-pas, it's also one of the most useful accessories ever created. Although it's generally associated with tourists, there have been several, unsuccessful attempts to make it stylish. Alas, it's time to just accept the fanny pack in all its embarrassingly nerdy glory because I found one you might actually want to buy.

Behold, the college sports fan's ultimate fanny pack — with koozie! Yes, this is a real thing I found on tipsyelves.com and it's the best thing to happen to fanny packs since...well, ever. Throw this on for the tailgate and you're good to go! It holds your drink while you munch on food, throw the football or fix your face paint. Plus, it's covered in your favorite college team. What's not to like? In my opinion, this is one fanny pack that few will ridicule and most will covet! They're only available in a few teams right now, so we can only hope that these will become so popular they'll add more.

sports fan fanny pack

fsu fanny pack

Would you wear this college team fanny pack?


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