5 Ways to Give Your Christmas Tree a Sports Team Makeover

Sometimes, it's fun to mix up your holiday decorations and try a new theme for your Christmas tree. There are so many options, but because this is The Style Ref, let's try a sports team-inspired tree, shall we?! You don't have to spend a fortune buying new ornaments and accessories, though. Instead, focus on a few key elements to make your Christmas tree shine with team pride this holiday season.

As an example, here's how I would make over a Christmas tree for an Ohio State fan:

1. Light It Up

Team Lights are a simple way to add instant team spirit to your tree! Just wrap them around and you have the perfect base for the rest of your decorations.

team colored lights

2. Use Team Colors

Choose solid-colored ornaments in your team colors. Target and Walmart have great selections. These aren't the exact shades of OSU scarlet and gray, but it accomplishes the goal. You can also add a third color as an accent, such as the white shown here.

christmas ornaments

Silver & White  \  Red

3. Add a Little Fun

Choose a few statement ornaments. These can be pricey, so just a few will do,
especially if your tree is on the smaller side.

Ohio State Buckeyes ornament

Reindeer  \  Santa  \  Brutus  \  Chair

4. Top It Off

Crown your tree with a team topper. This one is lighted, so the 
Ohio State logo shines brightly at night.

Ohio State Buckeyes tree topper

5. It's All About That Base

Finish it off with a team tree skirt. This one is nice and simple with the 
OSU logo embroidered on one section.

Ohio State Buckeyes tree skirt

What do you think of my Ohio State Christmas tree? Will you give your tree a sports team makeover this year?


The Style Ref


  1. Great tips, I know someone who would love a tree with all those decorations!

  2. I enjoyed reading your posst