My Top 5 Bowl Game Season Survival Tips

College football season may be over (say it ain't so!), but fans still have one last, long hurrah before its hiatus. It's called bowl game season — two weeks of quite possibly the most interesting college football matchups of the year. These games bring teams together that otherwise would never play and also pits the best of the best against each other for ultimate bragging rights. It all leads to the CFP National Championship game on Jan. 11, which adds up to a whole lot of fun for college football fans.

Bowl game season is no joke because there are one, if not multiple, games on every day during this two-week period with a week-long break until the championship. Think of it as an advent calendar of sorts, just with college football games each day instead of candy! It can all get a little crazy if you don't plan ahead, so check out my top 5 tips to make the most of bowl game season while juggling the rest of your holiday season demands.

1. Cover the (food) spread. 

Prepare a few recipes that make a lot of food, so you have leftovers for other games.

football party food recipes

5-Ingredient Chili  \  Buffalo Chicken Dip
Taco Tater Tot Bake  \  Football Brownies

2. Keep it casual. 

Just because you're hanging out at home watching the game doesn't mean you can't look good doing it! Sport some stylish lounge wear in your favorite college team.

3. Outline your game plan. 

Study the bowl game schedule and decide which games are must-see, maybes and last resorts (if you're home, why not watch?!). Some of the most entertaining games often seem like lame matchups at first. Add the games to your phone calendar or post the schedule on your fridge, so you don't miss any of the action!

plan bowl games to watch

4. Make it a party.

Invite friends over to watch the big bowl games and have a potluck. The more, the merrier!

college football watch party

5. Engage in a friendly wager.

Get a pool together with friends and family to predict the bowl game winners, winner take all. It makes every bowl game more exciting, no matter who's playing.

bowl game predictions

Which bowl game are you most excited to watch?


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