Chic Sports Team Bedding Really Does Exist

Decorating a kid's room or a guest room can be challenging. If you decide to run with a sports theme, there's a pretty thick line between tacky and tasteful, especially when it comes to bedding. I didn't think attractive sports team bedding existed, but then I stumbled across PBteen's collection, which caters to NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA and Manchester United fans.

This isn't the cheesy sheet and comforter set you've seen before — it's designed for sports fans with style. What I love most about PBteen's bedding products is that they're versatile and neutral, so you don't have to totally commit to a team's color scheme to make the theme work. If you need some visual proof, PBteen's website has tons of drool-worthy inspiration and a whole section dedicated to sports-themed bedrooms. Their bedding collection alone is sure to inspire a lot of room makeovers!

Here are some of my favorites from the PBteen Sports Bedding Collection:

MLB bedding

MLB Bedding  \
MLB National Conference Sleeping Bag

NBA bedding

Toronto Raptors Bedding  \
NBA Western Conference Bedding

NFL bedding

Houston Texans Bedding  \  NFL Sheets

NHL bedding

NHL Eastern Conference Bedding  \  NHL Sheets

Manchester United bedding

San Francisco Giants Bedding  \
Manchester United Bedding

NFL pillows

NFL Bedding  \  NFL Pillow Covers

Would you decorate a room with this sports team bedding?


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  1. Really the bedding looks so gorgeous. I like all the images you put here. BTW what is a sham bedding? Can you make a post for us in future? Thanks for your time.

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