The NFL Goes Gold for Super Bowl's 50th Anniversary

The NFL is dripping in gold for 2015, which marks the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl. You  may have already noticed some gilded details this season — gold-accented NFL logos, golden NFL shield logos painted on the field and a gold 50-yard marker along the 50-yard line at every NFL stadium, a golden "50" designed by Tiffany to accompany this year's Lombardi Trophy and most importantly for TSR readers, gold-trimmed sideline gear.

The best selection of NFL team gold gear is available at NFLShop.com with a limited run of men and women's styles for all 32 teams. It's surprising how well gold complements so many team color combinations! This special year in NFL history will never repeat itself, so commemorate the Super Bowl's golden anniversary with something shiny and new from the NFL gold gear collection! Here are my favorite items:

NFL gold gear

1 - Redskins

2 - Eagles

3 - Lions

4 - Browns

5 - Seahawks

6 - Cowboys

 7 - Broncos Hoodie

8 - Bills

 9 - Jets

10 - Broncos Sweatpants

Which NFL gold gear style do you like best?


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