Proud Sports Fans Wear Camo

In honor of Veterans Day, I decided to take a closer look at a military fashion staple that often gets a bad wrap — camouflage. Contrary to popular belief, this print can be chic, but the key is it must be worn in moderation. That means a little goes a long way, so limit yourself to one piece when incorporating camo into your gameday outfit. Think of it as an accessory rather than the centerpiece.

Today's takeaway: Camo is cool, especially when our veterans wear it, so show your support for our nation's finest and your favorite sports team with my favorite camouflage styles for sports fans.

camouflage sports team gear

1 - Patriots

2 - Mountaineers

3 - Broncos

4 - Mavericks

5 - Ducks

6 - Lakers

7 - Steelers

8 - Capitals

9 - Cubs

10 - Crimson Tide

11 - Cardinals

12 - Eagles

Which camouflage style would you wear?


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