Floating on Air in a Patio Chair

When I first saw the Zero Gravity Chair, I was slightly confused and not sure what to expect. The bad news is it has nothing to do with space travel. The good news is it feels amazing!

I recently bought one of these chairs for my new patio and it's my favorite place to relax after a long day. It literally feels like I'm floating on air (hence, "zero gravity"). The difference between this chair and a regular lounge chair is that it raises your feet as you lean back, reducing strain on your back. Plus, it takes up less room than its bulkier counterparts and is much more affordable.

On top of being extremely comfortable, the Zero Gravity Chair comes in tons of colors and even college sports teams! If you'd like to add a little team spirit to your outdoor space this summer, I highly recommend treating yourself to one of these chairs. You deserve it.

Zero Gravity Chair
Georgia Bulldogs NCAA Zero Gravity Chair

Check out the full selection of NCAA teams. Have you ever tried the Zero Gravity Chair?


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