Vintage Sports Pillows for the Nostalgic Fan

The Mad Men series finale has me feeling a little melancholic (and wishing I could go back in time to be best friends with Joan and Peggy). One of the reasons the show is so beloved is that while it literally took us back to one of America's most fascinating eras, it showed how some things really haven't changed.

Mad Men was my weekly does of nostalgia, but now that it's over, it made me wonder, how could I incorporate a touch of the past into everyday life? Vintage sports pillows, of course! I discovered quite a few, stylish pillows that would look great in a den, office or family room. You could even swap them out as the seasons change. They're a subtle way to celebrate your favorite sport and give a chic nod to the past.

Here's a collection of my favorite vintage sports pillows:

vintage sports pillows

Which vintage sports pillow is your favorite?


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