Just the Highlights: Super Bowl XLIX Fashion

It's a huge understatement to say there was a lot to take in at Super Bowl XLIX. Besides what happened on the field, there was a whole lot to look at off the field, so in case you were too distracted by the dancing sharks, check out my fashion highlights from the NFL's biggest night.

Katy Perry's Halftime Show = Good Call
Katy Perry's Press Conference Outfit = Bad Call

Katy Perry
via NY Daily News

Kurt Warner's amethyst suit = Good Call

Kurt Warner Super Bowl
via Zimbio

Mark Wahlberg's swagger = Good Call

Mark Wahlberg Super Bowl
via Zimbio

Gisele's Patriots style = Good Call

Gisele Bundchen Super Bowl
via Instagram

John  Harbaugh in a suit = Good Call

John Harbaugh Super Bowl
via Twitter

Britney Spears dressed like a normal person = Bad Call

Britney Spears Super Bowl
via NY Daily News

Kids in dad's jersey = Good Call

Tom Brady's kids Super Bowl
via Page Six
Chris Evans and Chris Pratt smack talking IRL = Good Call

Chris Evans and Chris Pratt
via Twitter

What was your Super Bowl fashion highlight?


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