A Very Katy Perry Super Bowl

Katy Perry is Super Bowl XLIX's highly-anticipated halftime performer and if she's known for one thing, it's her style. Call it funky, tongue-in-cheek, quirky, loud, over-the-top -- the list of adjectives goes on and on. Above all, the girl definitely knows how to get our attention!

While the details of her performance are top secret, we can definitely expect her to bring her signature style to the field. In the spirit of what will undoubtedly be A Very Katy Perry Super Bowl, The Style Ref rounded up some KP-inspired style picks for Patriots and Seahawks fans.

Seattle Seahawks gear for women

Scarf   |   Shirt   |   Wedges   |   3/4 Sleeve Tee   
Sunglasses   |   Clutch   |   Long Sleeve Top   |   Bracelet

Patriots gear for women

Boots    |   Purse   |   3/4 Sleeve Top   |   Hair Tie Set
  Keychain    |   Long Sleeve Halter Top   |   Pumps   |    Satin Jacket

Are you excited to see Katy Perry perform during halftime at the Super Bowl?


The Style Ref

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